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I'm Bad, and I create multiple projects for my own and for other people.

If you want a project to be made for you, like a Discord Bot, a Discord Server, a Website, Hosting, or something else...

Please send me a message to our support (the icon bottom right), to my Twitter or to my E-mail bad(at) for any questions! :)



Please read my message, if you're interested equal-to-all gaming.

I am part of a community which's goal is bully-free gaming.

We would like you to check out what we try to achieve and how you can be part of it.

In MotoNetwork these are our ambitions:

✔️ Your origin, religion or other specifics don't matter here.

❌ Bullying and disrespectful behaviour is a taboo!

If you're interested in making the gaming community better: Click This